2016.12.6 Our Family: Newly Announced

Happy Tuesday! and Happy Wedding.

We became each other’s in the eyes of the law, and hopefully that means Mark will get to be here and stay here for the birth and life of our newest human.

We were able to share food and company with some of our friends Tuesday, and we’re happy for those who could be there. Unfortunately family were not able to make the short notice, so we look forward to celebrating with them each as we can. As we said Tuesday, “Marriage is the devotion shown in every minute of every day through the shared obligations, responsibilities and joys.” And that is truly how we feel, so we look forward to celebrating with each of you in our shared days and experiences.

Thank you to Shane for all of your amazing help and your wonderful, thoughtful and intelligent attitude and contributions today and everyday. Mark, thank you for sharing yourself and your life with us. As you so often say, “We are an us now, and together there not much we can’t do!” I love you my husband and cherish every day I get to spend with you: awakening sunrises, our family mornings, daily life, adventures and the chores of living.

And here is my vow to us and ours: As a family, we fill our home with learning, laughter, adventure and compassion! As a wife I support you and love you, and I will accept your support and love.


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