December 10, 2016 – An Adventure in Joys

Today is an adventure in joys. Bizarre Bazaar is our community holiday fair. Local musicians play, artisans and cooks display their goodies while the community joys and plays about. Kids run and invent and play. 

Shane has spent the day running and playing. One of his friends has painted, decorated and built shell and rock magnets, so Shane spent the first part of the morning helping her set up and run her booth. We bought local juices to fortify ourselves: soursop for me (Yum!) while Shane and Mark both went for starfruit. In the kids corner Shane found projects making decorations, jewelry, face-painting and candy canes. Behind the tent he visited the donkeys. At a table in front of the music he wrapped colorful pipe-cleaners into decorative shapes. Then he and a couple of his guy friends began playing chase and catch, running full tilt to catch each other and capture and rescue one another. Such fun!

Santa arrived via donkey cart, and an excited Shane climbed right up! 


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