Quantity has a quality all its own

“The general principle that quantity begets quality is a key tenet of the Marxist theory of dialectical materialism, as formulated by Marx and Engels, phrased as the law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes. This in turn is attributed to Hegel (Science of Logic), who in turn attributes it to Ancient Greek philosophers, notably the paradox of the heap Eubulides: a quantitative change in the number of grains of sand leads to a qualitative change in being a heap or not.”

Although I cannot directly cite who so succinctly coined this idea, but I focused on writing now, daily, which will certainly produce a quantity of my written word. And as I have often heard, practice makes perfect…. I am certainly not aiming for perfection, but I a aiming to both improve my writing and to record the events that pass all too frequently and into the mists of memory… or not even remembered so often.

The adventure today focuses on re-homing a colony of honeybees which has taken up residence behind the siding  an inside the wall, playing with four month-old Jace and completing some shop drawings for a custom built villa closet.

In our little island community, if you don’t know someone directly, you know someone who knows them. So this morning I sent out a few messages to some friends asking about getting a bee box to hold the hive in. Two responses came back within hours, both of them had handled bees before but don’t do anything with bees currently. They did however both send me to the same man, bee expert and bee mover.

Off to Cruz Bay Jace and I go to meet the bee mover, and the instructions I was given to find him: Down the road, kind of a hidden house. There is a gray car with flat tires out in front.

Truly the island way down here. Here are the instructions to someone who can help you. No, I don’t have their phone number, so you can’t call ahead. Just go to their house, follow the path out back and up and it’s no problem. People stop by all the time.

So we did, and he talked about coming to help move the bees tomorrow. One thing sorted.

Jace enjoyed meeting the bee mover and his wife. He chattered and talked, looked all around at the trees and the birds and the chickens.

Then we went to the post office. Boxes had arrived for some friends, so we detoured on our way home to drop the packages off at their house.

Home again home gain. Now if I can get Jace to nap, maybe I’ll get those drawings finished today…


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