Lovely Rainy Day

This morning the remnants of Beryl will arrive. She’s still about two hours away; although, we have had good, hard showers off and on all night. If she was still an organized storm we would call it “the outer bands”, but she’s not. So these are just scattered showers. Jace is happily playing in the […]

A Mermaid in the Family

My loving daughter tried out her tail today, and we had so much fun! Out to the water to swim and snorkel and explore. We saw several interesting fishes, cow fish, trunk fish, nurse shark and a rainbow parrot fish almost as big as my one year-old! I loved seeing how the ocean and the […]

Minimal Hurricane Beryl

Good morning! Yesterday Hurricane Beryl was just a section of scattered showers in a tropical wave along a low-pressure trough midway between the African coast and the Caribbean. The storm rapidly strengthened to a minimum intensity hurricane over the last 20 hours and is forecast to weaken into a tropical depression as it passes into […]

A Cistern is a Wonderful Thing!

Their tops keep out the mosquitoes and their bottoms store watery things! We have had significant trouble with our cisterns since the storms, but we have completed a big step to getting water storage back again. Hooray! But what a story it has been. Here is an email letter sent about the events from Hurricane […]

The year after Irma

We are watching the weather here. A storm may form today or tomorrow (next update is at 7am) The forecast is such that even if the area of low pressure forms a tropical depression or a tropical storm the high wind shear and the Sahara dust in the atmosphere will reduce this possible storm to […]

Will I ever sleep again?

If somebody had told me the screaming, crying, sleep-deprivation¬† and absolute overwhelming-ness of new motherhood wouldn’t last forever, I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have believed them. In fact, somebody did tell me, several somebodys. My delightfully practical mother remarked “How many teenagers do you see crying every time they get into a car?” Not many, I […]

Quantity has a quality all its own

“The general principle that quantity begets quality is a key tenet of the Marxist theory of dialectical materialism, as formulated by Marx and Engels, phrased as the law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes. This in turn is attributed to Hegel (Science of Logic), who in turn attributes it to Ancient Greek […]